Do you need to buy Liability Insurance for an event you are hosting at a city, university, school or private venue? EventPolicy provides instantly bound insurance policies, saving you time and money.

Most event space owners require users/renters to carry proof of Commercial General Liability insurance while using their facilities. EventPolicy automates the process and provides coverage in just a few clicks.

  1. Find the city, university, school board or private venue property owner.
  2. Select the dates of your event
  3. Answer questions specific to your activity
  4. Pay by secured checkout

Once a policy is purchased, a PDF of your Certificate of Insurance will be available for immediate download. Simply forward the certificate to the venue manager, and you're done! If changes are requested, a revised certificate can quickly be issued by visiting the changes page.

Liability Insurance protects the Named Insured who may be held legally liable for the bodily injury or property damage of others. If someone slips and falls caused by spilled water the host of the event failed to clean-up, the injured party could sue them for their negligence or failure to act. Serious injury claim settlements can be in the millions of dollars. Should there be a court settlement against you higher than the liability limit on your policy, the court judgment could then be applied against you and your personal or business assets. For this reason, it is imperative that the host of events undertake careful operations and ensure the safety of all attendees.

The Named Insured is the person or incorporated company that is renting the venue for an event. The name that is on your use permit or access rental agreement must match the Named Insured. The building owner, the City, or the University are NOT the named insured. If your association, group, club or team is not legally incorporated, you must name an individual person.

Additional Insured are people, other than the Named Insured, who are protected by the terms of your policy, typically the building owner and management. EventPolicy has pre-set the additional insured for each venue. If you have questions or problems with our certificates, please submit the form found on our Order Change Request page or call 1-800-988-7868 and ask for EventPolicy support.EventPolicy does not include coverage for property that you own, borrow or rent, or the property of others for which you have care, custody, and control. The exception is a Tenants Legal Liability sub-limit up to a maximum of $2,000,000 which is automatically included in all policies and can be used to restore damages to the premises you occupy.Yes! In fact, we encourage you to read our policies. We strongly recommend that you review the wordings, as they define what is and is not covered by your policy. You will find a copy of our policy on the Insurance Wordings page.Once you have completed your purchase, the policy PDF will be available for immediate download. A certificate is also emailed to the address you provided during checkout. If the email from EventPolicy is not in your email Inbox, please check your junk mail folder. If you are still unable to locate the email, please contact us

If you would like to change or cancel your Insurance Certificate, please submit the form found on our Order Change Request page.

No, anyone can pay for the insurance. The Payer must ensure that the billing address and contact information entered on the payment page matches the information on file with their credit card company or the transaction may be declined.No. Each facility owner has specific additional insured requirements. If your event has multiple locations (different cities, universities or private venues), you must purchase separate certificates for each location.Please click the Get A Quote link to see a list of all supported activities.

The activity you choose at EventPolicy must match the scope of the permit as issued by the city, university or school board. If you have been granted a permit for multiple activities, a policy must be purchased for each activity.

EventPolicy is valid only while conducting specified operations, as per your permit, on properties owned by the city, university, school board or private event space owner. Coverage is not extended beyond the property boundaries of the facility you have rented.Exclusions are circumstances that a policy does not cover. For a full list of your policy exclusions and conditions, please review the Policy Wordings. *Important Note: If the Exclusions are unclear, please contact us at 1-800-988-7868 or contact us.

The deductible is the amount that you pay when you open a claim with EventPolicy.

EventPolicy's deductible is $500.

In the event of a claim of negligence made against you, please open a claim

as soon as possible.

You Must submit your cancellation request via the Changes & Cancellations page.

The host (Named Insured) is responsible for the reasonable and safe use and operation of the facility you have been granted access to occupy. EventPolicy provides 3rd party Liability Protection only, it does not cover injuries to your employees (Employer's Liability). Please use provincial plans for worker's compensation where required. If the facility does not appear safe or something causes the interruption of your event, cease all activity, ensure the safety of your patrons and immediately consult with the venue manager.If you you cannot find the facility you would like to rent, please use the add facility page.

Your should buy insurance coverage equal to or greater than the minimum limits required as stated in the rental agreement issued by the facility owner.

It is the duty of the renter (you) to purchase an insurance policy with a Liability Limit that will sufficiently meet the minimums required by the city or university. The renter (you) may elect to purchase limits over and above the required minimum. It is better to have a higher limit rather than the least expensive option.